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Conflicts in South Asia : Role of Bangladesh

০৫ জুলাই ২০২১ সোমবার, ০৮:২১  পিএম

Dr. Md Quamrul Hasan Zia

Conflicts in South Asia : Role of Bangladesh

How to attain peace and security where India and China are big power : Bangladesh sponsored Mediation

Bngladesh Army has gotten  enormous experience in Peace keeping and peace building between and among different factions in any conflict zones of any part of the world! 

In recent tensions and scarcity in Ladakh between India and China and in Kashmir between India and Pakistan,  Stance of Bangladesh was not visible but geopolitically Bangladesh could involved for its benifit and interests of its people and territorial integrity as well as of a  mediator between India and China and India and Pakistan!

Bangladesh`s foreign policy still not amended in its constitution of Bangladesh  which Bangabandhu’s famous quote " Friendship with all and enmities with none " should immediately ammended in top of Constitution of Bangladesh as the fundamentals and cores of Foreign policy of people’s Republic of Bangladesh and thus it will give any big powers far or near a clear message that we are Independent and sovereign and we have friendship with all and we have not possessed any hidden lords!

For the economic and social growth our people’s aspirations must be evaluated to the government of Bangladesh and to achieve  sustainable peace, security and prosperity,  our government should intervene to mediate Peace and Security in our part of the  World - South Asia!!

In a singular affirmation from China and India’s common interest with Bangladesh to solve Rohingya expatriations might achieved! Bangladesh`s foreign policy is neither extrovert nor introvert to show its shines of excellence - it Doesn’t reflect People`s aspirations!!

As an common friends of China and India,  Bangladesh Army could deployed as peace builder in Kashmir and Ladakh to ease tensions , across the actual line of control and establish a buffer zone and subsequently negotiations of factional two sides might get a solution!

In Kashmir issue, once, Shree Lal krishna Advani Ex BJP President requested  our Prime Minister  Sheikh Hasina  to mediate peace building in Kashmir, in a Official visit of our Prime Minister`s India tour
We denied or skeptical to feel the out cry of permanent  Peace building in Kashmir from Indian side!

Bangladesh should play boldly and independently to mediate for its own people and its security within UN or outside UN to resolve neighbours conflicts and the whole South Asia and South East Asia including China  may be benefitted from Bangladesh`s endeavors!

The Arms dealers always finds for New Conflict  zones and across the faultlines collateral damages are not Their concerns - their concerns are to alive smoother arms supply!

So,  I believe and full faith in our very smart and capable Bangladesh Army and Defense forces that their deployment in the conflict Zones of our part of the world - Bring Peace and tranquillity in South Asia!

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